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What price to include for business support services?
What price to include for business support services?
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NB. If you're using our firm potential calculator ( and don't know where to start with a price that your clients will pay your firm for your team helping them grow and/or improve their business then you can simply use £257 - or the equivalent in your currency (US$377, AU$497) - as the monthly price. This is the lower of the two most popular suggested packages Clarity members provide to their clients after taking them through the Clarity platform.

Knowing what to offer your clients for helping them improve and/or grow their business, as well as price it, may not be at the front of your mind.

But it's simpler than you may think.

At Clarity we've created 5 different service lines with suggested monthly pricing for your clients to pay your firm, based on our 5 levels of business advisory.

Here's a snapshot below of what your firm can do (the prices are based on your team delivering these suggested services).

You'll see that for not very much preparation and effort your firm can offer valuable assistance to your clients at an affordable price, your team get to make a positive impact and your firm makes additional profitable revenue.

Clarity member firms have detailed guides, systems and templates (agenda, emails etc) to help team members take clients through the Clarity platform, recommend a service and price as well as deliver it to help clients improve and/or grow their business.

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