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Kanban style columns to easily identify what stage of the journey your client is on

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With Deal Flow you can keep track of all clients you'd like to help with business advisory services. With Deal Flow, you can have everything in one place. You can find your Deal Flow from the drop down menu in the top left.

Using a Kanban style view, Deal Flow uses columns to easily identify what stage of the journey your client is on. From identifying clients to getting the proposal signed. At each stage, your team will be able to see what they need to do next. An easy drag and drop system for moving clients between columns.

You can search for specific team members (deal owner) to identify who is responsible for which clients. You can also filter by company name or data tags.

Plus you can see how much your firm has earned in additional monthly and one-off fees per client.

To identify which clients to contact first about your advisory services, click into the Portfolio view.

Use the Improve Key Numbers slider in the top right hand side to identify a potential improvement. We recommend between 3% - 10%. You can use the slider or type the number on the right.

You'll see two green columns appear (profit and cash improvements). This example shows all figures improved by 5% across the board. We now have a perfect talking point for our clients.

You can sort, segment, filter, slide and dice client data. Low hanging fruit (quick wins) or those in danger and who need assistance. You can quickly add multiple clients to a Deal Flow at once by ticking the boxes on the left of the client name, clicking Actions on the left and adding them directly to your Deal Flow. We recommend filtering from high to low on either of the green columns to easily identify quick win clients.

You can send a simple report from within Clarity using your email provider or you can download a report and email it outside of Clarity. This report will show them what potential profit and cash they're leaving on the table that you've identified through the Clarity metrics. Check out some Clarity Reports here.

If I was a client of yours and saw how much I was leaving on the table via a Clarity report, I'd want to know more. We have plenty of resources to assist selling advisory to your clients. Please reach out :)

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