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Sending and editing amazing reports for your clients

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Potential Improvement Reports are a great way to visually capture your clients attention. You can edit the wording of the reports on pages 2 and 3 from within your Template Settings.

To download or email a report to a client(s), click into your Portfolio view on the left.

Improve the Key Numbers for your clients by sliding the lever in the top right.

Select your clients to send a report on the left hand side. Click Actions and send away!

Editing reports:

Within your settings under your Business Name (top left) click Settings, Reports and you'll be able to adjust the template. You'll need to save it as a new template name e.g. "Business Name + company details". Ensure you click save at the end.

Ensure you then select the custom template by clicking "reassign template" when in the future numbers after either choosing to download or email the report.

Communicating with clients:

Use our pre-prepared client email template when sending your reports.

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