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Create multiple Deal Flow boards for your business and clients

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You can now have as many Deal Flow boards as you'd like! Before you only had the ability to edit one advisory board, you can now have other boards. To access boards, click the Navigation bar in the top left, DealFlow Boards.

You'll now have access to two Clarity boards as default. The first is the Advisory board and the second is the Funding board. This means you can have multiple kanban style boards for different aspects of your business/client base.

Your team can track the progress of each client and what to do next, not just with Advisory services but Funding as well. And your team can create custom boards for keeping track (and knowing what to do next) for other services, such as tax planning, prospective compliance clients, management reporting, financial plans etc basically anything else your firm wants to provide to your clients and prospects.

You can also have as many custom boards as you like. You can also colour code them to whatever you like. Click Add Board on the right hand side. Here's my example for some custom boards. e.g. industry type, service type, client type etc...

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