Duration of meetings

The default duration of each meeting and why an end time is essential

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The duration of meetings is critical. Too short and you can miss important information, too long and they become boring. At Clarity we've gathered data from hundreds of members to find the ideal length of meetings to avoid scope creep and running over into other meetings.

We've come to the following conclusion:

Discovery calls are no longer than 50 minutes. Accountability calls are no longer than 1 hour and Planning calls are no longer than 2 hours. When you select your session type within Clarity, the suggested duration will auto fill. You can override these times but we recommend you stick to our formula.

Try using the ACE approach in your meetings with clients. Where the first 5 minutes of every meeting set the expectations:

A - Acknowledge. Everyone's time is valuable so use it wisely.

C - Check. Ensure you're not going to run over time with the content.

E - End. What is the end goal and will it be achieved?

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