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Connecting to your accounting software
Connecting to your accounting software

Integrate to Xero, Quickbooks, Sage or manually import data

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Firstly, add your clients. Click the blue + button in the bottom right hand side of your account to add clients. You can bulk import your Xero clients by selecting "select all clients" after choosing Xero.

Here's how to bulk add your Xero clients.

Ensure you have clients connected to your Clarity account. Ensure you have no red exclamation marks next to any client. Hover over the red icons to see the issue. It will either mean the mapping is missing (how to fix below) or the connection has been lost (how to fix below).

If you are having trouble connecting to your accounting software, first look at the mapping from within Settings, Data and scroll down to mapping.

All accounts that appear red need to be mapped. Simply click into all of the red account(s) and you'll be able to select the correct account from your accounting ledger chart of accounts. Ensure to click Save at the bottom once complete.

Depending if you've linked an accounting software to your Clarity account or not, will determine the following screen. If you have an accounting ledger (in this example Xero) connected within Clarity, you'll be able to click Sync Now, to refresh any recent data changes within Xero to Clarity. You can also click Reconnect to establish a connection to Xero and choose the correct ledger. Or click Disconnect to start again.

If you do not have an accounting ledger connected yet, you'll be greeted with this screen. Simply click Change Data Source to choose which accounting software and ledger you'd like to use.

Here is the screen you'll be greeted with upon choosing your accounting software. You can also manually input the data by either uploading a spreadsheet or manually typing the figures into Clarity by scrolling to the bottom of the screen after clicking Manual Input.

Once you've chosen your firms accounting software (Xero in this example) you'll be greeted with your ledger list to choose from. Select the relevant ledger and click the blue button, Allow Access at the bottom.

You'll also be able to add your clients to Clarity. Whether they're from Xero, QBO or Sage by clicking the blue + symbol at the bottom of any page or clicking the drop down menu and adding new clients from there.

You may find that you are trying to connect to a ledger that is already connected or has some sort of connection error. If the option to select the organisation is greyed out, simply click the blue button underneath to bypass this step and you'll be able to select the correct organisation on the following screen.

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