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Inviting staff into your Clarity account
Inviting staff into your Clarity account

User access. Different permission levels. Subscriber, Advisor, Team Admin, Standard & Verifier

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What access should we give our team? Does the team need to see every client or our own firm's data? Here's how to ensure you assign the correct requirements for your team members.

We recommend your team have Team Admin permissions. This means they can see your clients but not your firm numbers. If you'd like certain team members to see specific clients only, choose the Standard access.

If you are going to invite any clients into your account, we recommend you give them Standard permissions. This means you can select which client(s) data they can see.

There are 4 types of user levels: See screenshot below for complex overview of permissions.

  1. Subscriber (Advisor). This will be the person who holds the Clarity license. They have access to anything and everything within Clarity and hold the power to give permission to team and clients (organisations).

  2. Team Admin. This level is perfect for managers, seniors and those you wish to access all clients but not see your firm's numbers. We recommend this permission for nearly all staff. If you grant this permission, the user will automatically have access to all clients in your Clarity account. This will save you having to bulk assign clients to the user (instructions below).

  3. Standard. Standard users will need to be assigned clients at the advisors discretion. Standard users cannot see the firm's numbers and can be granted Advisor or Standard access to clients (below).

  4. Verifier. Verifier users only have access to the Documents tab. This may be for people outside of your organisation such as payroll staff, contractors or overseas team members. Verifier users cannot see the firm's numbers and can be granted Advisor or Standard access to clients.

To assign multiple clients to a team member click Settings, Access, click the three dots on the right hand side of the team members name and choose organisations. We recommend adding your clients before adding your staff to Clarity. This makes assigning clients in bulk easier.

You'll then be able to choose from your client list by clicking companies (13 in this example).

You can bulk assign all clients or pick and choose. Don't forget to click Save.

Finally, you can assign the Role your staff member has regarding their client level access. Admin has more permissions than Standard (chart above). Don't forget to click Save.

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