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Xero mapping

Mapping your Xero ledger to your Clarity account

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To get the correct data in your Clarity account, ensure your Xero chart of accounts are correctly mapped. To achieve the correct mapping, log into your Clarity account, ensure you are logged into the correct Xero account (we recommend logging out of all Xero accounts if you have multiple) and choose the correct ledger.

To add a new client to your Clarity account, either click the blue plus button in the bottom right hand side or select the dropdown menu from the top left side or click Settings, Data. You can then choose which accounting software you'd like to connect to from there and you'll be able to choose which ledger you'd like to connect to.

If you are mapping the chart of accounts for an existing Clarity client e.g. your own business, click Settings at the top of the screen, click Data and click Change Data Source. You'll then be able to ensure the accounts are mapped correctly. Click on any red accounts to map them to the correct account. If they do not need to be mapped, click the account anyway and click save down the bottom within the account.

You'll be guided through your journey when mapping and connecting to the correct accounting software and ledger from within your Clarity account. DO NOT click Skip, click Continue to ensure everything is correct before proceeding. This whole process will take you less than 5 minutes.

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