The Business Improvement Report (BIR) is a high impact report, effortless to generate and will go a long way to help with converting advisory work into paying clients. More importantly, it will entice more sophisticated clients into your portfolio.

What is the business reports purpose?

The purpose of this report is to help with converting advisory work into paying clients and enticing more sophisticated clients into your portfolio. Simply click the Numbers tab, click Future and use the 5 levers of success to generate a BIR on the left hand side. You can then email and download the report to send to clients, much like you can with the simple report.

What is the business improvement report?

If you are ready to take the next step with your clients then sending a business improvement report from Clarity is the way to go. You may have just had a brilliant client meeting and want to lock them in and stave off buyers remorse. The simple report is the eye catcher, the entree if you will. It is fantastic for getting your client’s attention and a brilliant tool for booking a call. If your clients are hesitant or want that little bit more to get them locked in, we recommend the power of the business improvement report which is more detailed, has more insight and an incentive to take action with you.

How does the business improvement report help?

This report can be customised individually across the 5 levers of success. It is incredibly flexible and can be customised per client including text, images and colour. The report can be run across the 5 levers of success or tailor % improvements on 5 levers separately. It also shows the business valuation and by achieving what the report suggests, shows how much more the business valuation can be.

How we recommend you use it:

We recommend co-creating it with your client once you’ve got them in a meeting off the back of the simple report and a Loom video. The business improvement report is a brilliant tool for communicating the potential for additional profit and cash along with a potential valuation for your client’s business. It breaks down the client's current position, business potential, as well as review of whether they are growing sustainably or growing broke (checking their business model works or whether they require funding).

From the clients perspective, it enables them to see why they should be working with you (the accountant). It demonstrates that the firm is proactive. The client would not ask for this report, you’ve simply taken the initiative to provide it. The potential charts show the improvement available across the 5 levers of success and how much your clients can earn.

Are you growing profitably or growing broke? How much in cash is required to service your business? The report shows whether your client’s business model is working or not as well as whether your clients need funding. It’s a nice positioning piece for your clients.

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