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Deleting or renaming a user
Deleting or renaming a user
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You may need to part ways with team member and want to remove them from your Clarity account. We recommend you DO NOT delete the user for the following reasons:

Instead of deleting the user, simply rename the user to the new team members' name and change the password. The reason for this is to stop the disconnection of companies from your Clarity account. To update the user click Settings, Access, select the user and rename them.

You may have seen the above and below red error messages within your Clarity account.

The first reason for your companies disconnecting from your Clarity account is because you've deleted a user who was responsible for adding the company to Clarity initially. We recommend not deleting the user, instead renaming the user.

If you do see the red error message within your companies list, click the three dots on the right hand side of the company and select Edit Data to reconnect and update the mapping (if necessary).

If Xero, QBO or Sage ever experience API issues we will let you know with the following message upon logging in.

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