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Using Notes in Meeting Mode
Using Notes in Meeting Mode

When having a client meeting, use the notes in the agenda live

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You can now use Notes in Meeting Mode whilst having a client meeting. Notes are extremely helpful because you can annotate whilst talking with your client in real time.

You may not want your client to see the notes you are taking so let me show how to negate this.

To use Meeting Mode click Meetings at the top of your Clarity screen. Ensure you are in the client file you are planning on meeting with.

You will not see any meetings in here if you have not hosted a meeting through Meeting Mode. Once you create a meeting, you will see the meetings in corresponding date order.

To create your first and proceeding meetings, click "create meeting" on the left hand side.

Select the correct agenda and ensure you click "client use". This will ensure a meeting is created from the bottom left hand side (tick box) for you to use with your client with the corresponding agenda.

Click "download" and "return to previous screen" to launch your meeting. Click "meeting mode" on the right hand side to begin.

You will be greeted with a display for how to use meeting mode and how to adjust your screen to show the key areas when meeting with your client.

Click "finish" to begin. You can use the agenda notes live with your client. If you don't want your client to see the notes as you are meeting with them live you can hide the notes section or move it to another screen assuming you have a second screen.

To hide or rearrange your meeting display, click the cog icon at the bottom of each panel.

This will allow you to hide certain sections and enlarge or reduce key information.

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