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Connecting Microsoft Office 365 email
Connecting Microsoft Office 365 email

Follow these steps to successfully connect your Office 365 account within Clarity. Recently Microsoft has changed its connection. See below:

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You can send reports to clients directly from within Clarity that come from your email. You don't need to download a report to your computer, draft and email and send from outside of Clarity. You can do it all within the platform.

To connect your Google/Gsuite or Outlook, log into your Clarity account and follow the steps within the platform. Log into your Clarity account and click the icon in the top right hand corner and select Emailing.

Click "how to configure?" and select

Recently, Microsoft Office 365 updated their email configuration settings. To enable email sending from within Clarity, follow the below steps:

Start within your Office 365 account. This needs to be completed by an Admin user of your Office 365 account.

  1. Disable Microsoft Security here -

2. Ensure Modern authentication ‘Authenticated SMTP’ is ticked.

  1. You can view this from this url,

  2. Click ‘Show all’ on the lefthand side menu

  3. Click ‘Org Settings’

  4. Click ‘Modern authentication’

  5. Check the ‘Authenticated SMTP’ box.

3. For each active user, check that ‘Exchange Online’ in the app list is ticked.

Once that is done, paste the Host link into your Clarity screen on the email connection page.

Ensure to click Save at the bottom.

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