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Important Benchmarking account information
Important Benchmarking account information
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Setup your benchmarking account

Firstly, add your clients. Click the blue + button in the bottom right hand side of your account to add clients. You can bulk import your Xero clients by selecting "select all clients" after choosing Xero.

Here's how to bulk add your Xero clients.

Ensure you are clicked into your accounting firm in the top left hand side to view the advisor benchmarking. This will allow you to benchmark your firm against other firms. To benchmark clients, simply choose a client and the client/all business benchmarking options will appear.

You'll be able to see your clients in your portfolio screen once they have been uploaded. To filter, click "filter" on the left hand side. Ensure the dates are what you want them to be on the right hand side (red button). We recommend selecting the last completed quarter for the most up to date data. You can then filter your clients for sectors and country/city. Ensure the SIC code is added in within the advanced settings. It will automatically pull in from your accounting platform but it will be blank and prompt you if it is missing.

For further information about the 9 columns of numbers, what they mean and where they come from, click the ? in the top left. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can message us in the bottom right hand side.

Ensure to add your logo within your firms settings. Click Settings > Advanced.

You can edit report templates from the Settings tab. Click Settings > Reports > Benchmarking. See the above video for more details. You can also send reports from the Reports tab at the top. You can choose to either send an all business report or filtered report.

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