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Emailing reports & downloading reports
Emailing reports & downloading reports

Sending reports to clients from Clarity

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You can email reports to clients directly from Clarity. By connecting your email account to Clarity, (click the icon in the top right and select email) with a single click, you can send multiple clients a report at the same time.

You can also download reports and send them outside of Clarity. Whatever works best for you. To generate a report, click into your Portfolio screen and improve the key numbers on the right hand side.

We recommend between 3% and 6% as it is a great talking point with your clients.

You'll then be able to email reports or download them by selecting clients on the left hand side (we recommend filtering by one of the green columns high to low). This will show the "low hanging fruit" clients. Click Actions and choose your approach.

You can also move all selected clients to a DealFlow Board at once from within the Portfolio screen.

Ensure you have your business logo toggled on. This will make the reports look professional when sending to clients. Here's what a report will look like.

In the future you'll be able to change the wording directly underneath the report. You can change any of the wording throughout the figures such as revenue and profit from within your Clarity account. This can be done by selecting your business file, clicking Settings, Simple Report under the Templates dropdown.

You can pre-prepare the emailing wording to clients when emailing reports from within Clarity. Once you've chosen to email from the Actions tab, you'll be taken to this page where you can add your business logo and choose the template.

You can adjust the email subject and body. Once it has been edited it will remain saved for the next time you email. I like to add my calendar so clients can book time with me. If you don't have a calendar to share, give them the 3 earliest availabilities you have. You'll notice placeholders in the email body. They are any words with the { } brackets around them. These are pre-filled and will pull through words or data.

An example of the placeholders are {Business Owner First Name}, {Profit Improvement Figure}, {User First Name}. The first placeholder {Business Owner First Name} will display as Matt Fox. Ensure to change that to just Matt. If any are blank, ensure to add them on the right hand side. The {User First Name} will display whoever is sending the reports based off the name of the user. I have also added an emoji for fun at the bottom.

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