If you've ever created a Financial Plan and think it needs a change, here is how to do it. The first column of your Financial Plan will always be the month AFTER the date you've chosen to run your Action Plan.

If the first column of the Financial Plan is March 2020, then the Action Plan must have been started in February 2020.

If you'd like to change/update this, click Numbers, Current and override the date in the top right hand side.

By changing this date, you'll be dictating the first column of the Financial Plan and updating your Action Plan numbers.

Click back into your Action Plan to either replace your existing plan, or creating an Action Plan from scratch on the Future Numbers tab.

Ensure to click Create Action Plan to reproduce the Action Plan with the latest figures.

To update the Financial Plan to proceed the latest Action Plan figures, click Replace on the left hand side.

Ensuring to click Confirm to update the numbers of the Action Plan and changing the first column of the Financial Plan based off the Action Plan date.

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