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Pricing your services
Pricing your services

Use Clarity's built in pricing tool to price your services hassle free

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We've all been the victim of delivering services for less than they're worth. We've all held amazing value-add meetings only to run into the "price" roadblock. What do we charge? What's too much, too little? How do we communicate our worth?

Here's where Clarity can help. We have a built-in pricing tool which prices your services based on parameters you set in product (or use Clarity's out of the box pricing).

Clarity has smart parameters built-in. If the client's expected profit improvement exceeds Clarity's recommended monthly/quarterly fee (say £497), our system will supersede the recommended price and use a value price formula to achieve you the best outcome.

You can of course adjust this if you are risk averse or your client is price sensitive. We recommend using Clarity's pricing parameters because they are setup for success and to earn you what you are worth.

Clarity's built in pricing platform will first produce the largest fee when communicating to clients. It provides a detailed breakdown of the service, clearly shows the value behind the price and ends with a simple question... "when would you like to get started".

You can reduce (or increase after reducing) the price of the service by hovering your mouse in the top left (or top right when increasing) of the page. The arrows are intentionally hidden to avoid unnecessary pricing queries. You can always refer to the arrows as a backup if needed.

To find the "pricing" button, ensure you've completed an action plan with your client. Moved the sliders and shown them the value you can add. Commit your client with deliverable tasks before clicking the pricing button in the top right hand side to begin the pricing discussion.

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