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Create an action plan
Create an action plan
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When creating an action plan for clients during a meeting, there are many things to consider.

Ensure you have the correct date selected on the current numbers screen.

Click Numbers > Future to get to the future screen. Ensure you reset all the numbers.

You can choose as many of the 5 levers of success as you'd like. You can choose only 1 or all 5. You can choose a generic % increase across all by moving the first slider.

You can also adjust any of the 5 sliders independently.

Once done, scroll to the top and click the green button; Create Action Plan on the right hand side. Ensure to choose your respective template. These can be created in your firms Settings at the top bar of the screen. Ensure you see your firms name in the top left hand side of your screen when doing this. Choose whether to roll forward existing tasks or replace existing plan.

Depending on how many sliders you chose, is how many options you will see on this screen. I chose all 5 so I can see Revenue, Gross Profit, Operating Profit, Revenue Per Employee, Cash Days and How We Can Help (as in, you the accountant/advisor).

Click Yes or No then Next on your respective advisory ideas before narrowing your choices down to some Priority tasks.

Simply click the tasks you want to prioritise and that will move them into the pending area before you can then select them and they'll move to the priority area.

Ensure to click Finish before you'll be presented with a completed Action Plan like you see below. Add a Vision Board for your client so each and every time you meet with them, they are tied back to why you are working together. To replace or revise an Action Plan click here.

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