Benchmark your firm against others and help your clients improve by comparing them to others in their sector or location

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Clarity has introduced a fantastic new feature called Benchmarking. Utilising data points and questions based on 40 plus years experience in the profession with data from over 16,000 accounting firms.

In an era where accounting firms are as diverse as their clients, the ability to measure performance against reliable benchmarks has never been more crucial.

By understanding the metrics that matter, you can transcend the day-to-day and plot a course to a future where time is not a constraint but a well-invested resource, where team structure and skill are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones, and where systems are not merely followed but harnessed to propel you forward.

By using Clarity's benchmarking product, it will show you how your data compares on a regular basis to other accounting firms around the world. How you compare within quartiles. You can create reports to show fellow partners and clients. And what's the gap and what's the potential in your firm?

Benchmarking is a separate membership or an add-on, for existing members, starting at £247pm. You'll see the benchmarking tab at the top of your account with three options.

To learn more about each option, click through to the relevant support document.

You can find the definitions and formulas for the 9 column headings within the benchmarking module in Clarity below. Click the links to be taken to the supporting documentation.

Download our free benchmarking report to learn more.

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